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of texas in the last five years. roughly one million lost jobs in california. it is amazing. one of the points i made for writing a book on this, what we are seeing is one of the great wealth transfers in american history geographically from states like california that do not get it right, and my state, and states that do get it right, like texas. this is one reason to be bullish on the future of texas. one of the interesting things is texas does a much better job, in my opinion, of economically assimilating immigrants so they are successful here. california is more of a welfare state. it indoctrinates immigrants into the welfare system at a much higher pace than texas does. people come to texas for jobs. people go to california for welfare. you are seeing the differing economic outcomes as a result. texas is the model other states should be emulating. >> stephen moore from a recent discussion we covered. when you see some of those clips, the video portions, you can see them all in our video library. he was comparing jobs in california and texas. we will go to texas next. john, o
growth in texas. many have probably seen him on tv. it ordered member of the wall street journal, he writes about immigration, taxes, many things. i am sure you have read his articles. he has been an advocate for years, a scholar, and we are privileged to have you here, steve. thank you for coming. youthing you do well is look state-by-state a lot. you talk about growth and you look at the state and evidence. and what are growing role are immigrants playing in the country? >> first of all, when amity called me and asked me to come here to dallas to speak, i leapt amthe opportunity, because i an admirer of george w. bush. thank you for the invitation. thunder a little bit when you talk about four percent growth year it i would add to what you said, that i do not think we can accomplish four percent growth without immigration. it is a precondition to get to that higher growth rate. it may be too low. we are in the fourth leader -- year of non-recovery. there is no reason the economy cannot he recovering much faster than it is geared five, six, or seven percent growth. it is interesting
every year the number one pick of all the law enforcement agencies within texas. their number one pick, all right? and i am a supporter of you -- you don't know it, but i am a supporter of you and a supporter of everyone in law enforcement. and i want you to do whatever is the proper thing. this lady did not -- i know in my heart, was not involved in intentionally walking out and stealing out $57. >> you don't know me, but i am the number one pick of law enforcement agencies. that seriously happened. that was texas's republican lieutenant governor, david dewhurst, on the phone, not doing anything, obviously, illegal, but throwing his weight around like a texas sumo wrestler, trying to wrangle some poor police sergeant in allen, texas, from releasing somebody from jail, a friend who had been jailed on shoplifting charges. the lieutenant governor, the number one pick of law enforcement, just wanted that police sergeant to do the proper thing, which should apparently be that he should take into account that any friend of texas' lieutenant governor must be innocent and, therefore must be r
with texas representative waukeen castro and the reverend al sharpton. >>> as the outrage over russia's anti-gay laws continue to grow, we're beginning to get a disturbing picture of what life is like there for its lgbt citizens. my guest tonight is russian, openly gay and about to flee the country. >>> plus, stop and frisk and edward snowden, what do they have in quhcommon? a whole lot more than you might think. >>> we begin on the front lines of voter suppression, with multiple developments across the country, not the least of which is the attorney general of the united states eric holder suing the state of texas, two states suing the federal government back, and a prominent republican lambasting the republican fwo b governor of north carolina over that state's brand new voting requirements. today the justice department announced plans to file a new lawsuit against the state of texas over its voteer i.d. law and intervene as a party in another case involving texas redistricting. attorney general holder said "he will not allow the prime court's recent decision to be interpreted as open sea
are trying to connect young investors and my name is ranjani chakraborty, i'm from houston, texas, and i'm an associate producer for america tonight. i grew up in a very large, loud indian family. they very much taught me how to have a voice, and from a very young age i loved writing, and i love being able to tell other people stories. the way to do good journalism is to really do your research, to know your story, to get the facts right, and to get to know the people involved in your story. america tonight and al jazeera america, it's a perfect place for that to happen. [[voiceover]] no doubt about it, innovation changes our lives.ç] from the world's top documentary directors. >> this is just the beginning of something much bigger. >> thank god i didn't have to suffer what he had to go through. >> this sunday, the premiere of "into eternity". >> i am now in this place where you should never come. >> how do you contain 100,000 years of nuclear danger? >> it is an invisible danger. >> al jazeera america presents "into eternity". premieres sunday night 9 eastern. there's more to financial
attorney general of california, governor of maryland, from texas, and locally, there is a great guy, a commissioner of california. these are all candidates who will be speaking to racial and economic justice. >> all the candidates you mentioned were democratic candidates. caller: that is my party. correct. >> thanks for calling. susan is on our independent line. who do you like there out there as a future independent. caller: the only one who has been honest is rand paul. also, his father, ron paul. what a combination. only has been honest in the things that have been brought up and giving credit where credit is due and saying, if we want to change anything, we have to go to congress. they are the only ones i have heard for the last years that have been honest. so, that is just my opinion. >> senator rand paul is on your screen. critical today of president obama's decision to postpone the military exercise with egypt, making the announcement earlier. we will show you the president's comments later on in the headline. they write senator paul says the law is very clear. "mr. president
about during the annual physical checkup the former president has at his doctor in dallas, texas. what we are told by aides is that during the exam there was a discovery of a blocked artery. what we don't know, were there any symptoms? anything leading up to that? that, we don't know. what we can say about the former president is he has maintained a very rigorous physical activity. he is known for cycling and doing a lot of cardio exercise so that makes this even more surprising in some ways at least from a layperson's point of view. he hasn't had any other complicated medical issues. mostly it's been scrapes from falling off bicycles where he's had treatment in the past and issues with his knees. so what we learned is that he went this morning into a procedure, not open heart surgery, nothing like that. a stent procedure which can be done through an artery where a stent is placed in, the blocked artery to open it up and that resumes the blood flow. what we're told is that he is doing well. he's in high spirits. he will remain in the hospital today but is expected to be relieved tomorr
arizona and texas, and arizona there have been significant demographic shifts that have identified opportunities to begin likely did in colorado and virginia to turn states that were decidedly red to purple and then eventually to blue. we are going to do that through aggressive voter registration efforts. we are going to talk about the democratic agenda, making sure hold republicans accountable. >> you were talking about holding republicans accountable. intensive a message for 2014, what case can they make that they should be taking control of the house. can they make the argument that you have done anything to move congress toward a positive resolution? >> president obama and congressional democrats have been trying to make sure that voters have two distinct choices. they clearly chose president obama and democrats. they want to continue to rebuild this economy from the middle class out. they want to make sure when it comes to housing everybody has an opportunity to live the american gene and have a safe and secure roof over their heads. they want access to affordable healthcare.
>> stephanie: he was pulled over for speeding in texas and had a gun. george zimmerman was stopped for speeding on a highway near dallas. the police -- i love this whole -- they have a police dash cam video. >> yep. >> stephanie: it shows an officer interacting with zimmerman, and letting him go with a warning. she is just lucky -- i just got my new car insurance bill, because i got a speeding ticket twice in the speed trap near my house. i was going 40 or something in a 35. >> yeah. >> stephanie: he is just so awesome -- >> stephanie: okay. you shot an unarmed teenager, okay. go home. have a good night's sleep. >> i think the cop was squared of him. >> stephanie: no, he did tthe douchy thing. he asked him. >> really? >> stephanie: after an unintelligible response, the officer asked nowhere in particular? why did you say that? you didn't see my name, zimmerman replies. [ buzzer ] >> oh, god. he wants to be a star now? >> stephanie: yeah. i'm a star. no. are you clear of warrants and stuff. and zimmerman said, he was clear. he said calm down dude. why don't you slow down for me. the officer says
is charged with participating in 19 murders. >>> at ft. hood in texas, army major nidal hasan goes on trial. today, he faces 13 counts of murder and 32 counts of attempted murder in the 2009 shooting rampage at the army post. hasan is representing himself. that means he will be able to question the survivors in court. he could face the death penalty. >>> the man police say was behind the wheel in a deadly hit and run in southern california could make his first court appearance later today. one woman was killed and 16 other people were hurt when a driver plowed through the crowds on a venice beach boardwalk on saturday. this morning, we're hearing from the husband of the newlywed bride who was killed on her honeymoon. >> reporter: a memorial of candles and flowers is on the venice beach boardwalk in tribute to alice gruppioni, the 32-year-old italian newly wed was in california for her honeymoon when she was struck and killed sunday evening. her husband suffered minor injuries in the rampage. but he could not find the words to express his loss monday. >> there isn't words that explain what h
news in texas. suspended quarterback johnny manzell has denied accepting any money for autographs. >>> slaughtering animals before games, the animal rights group peta has sent a message to uefa, the day before the championship league, venus williams fails to make it to the final round of the grand slam. at 33 years old williams was the oldest player to make the second round, have more sports news coming up in about 20 minutes. >> michael thank you. in california tonight there is a desperate shortage of foster parents. coming up we'll tell you what's been done to find children safe and loving homes. >>> keeping at least a dozen mosques under surveillance. what it means for people who attend them next on al jazeera. >> welcome back to al jazeera. i'm john siegenthaler. here's a look at the headlines. president obama says he's convinced that syria did use chemical weapons against its own people. during an interview with pbs, he says he has not made a final decision about how the united states should respond. >>> if man convicted of the killing at fort hood was sentenced. nidal hasan'
care costs from cities and counties from wisconsin to texas to virginia to right here in new jersey. so could it be that obama care is the real job killer? we continue now with our free market panel. ahmed shihad aldin, and mark simone of wor talk radio. okay. do you disagree with me? this came from a washington post blogger, so you know it's a liberal point of view. >> my question is why do you need to actually do this. why do you need to create more jobs at lower hourly rates and i don't understand that and i don't see the evidence people -- i remember seeing forever 21 and i understand they want to keep the manufacturing costs low, but this will harm the reputation. >> this is government. >> i understand. but isn't this going to harm their employes. >> they're going to cut employees. here's the thing, they're going to do both. they read carefully, reed wilson, and two things. they're cutting back on hours worked which have to pay the mandate and it costs them $10,000 per person more, but they are also, they are also cutting back on staff. it's both. >> listen, i mean, companies do ca
arises when a couple married in california or another state moves to state like florida or texas that does not respect their marriage. until we succeed in getting rid of the remaining marriage bans in these states it's clear those governments will not recognize the couple that is married and they will get some but probably not all of the federal benefits they would get if they were living in a state that respected their marriage. at administration has been coming out with guidance on various benefits since the decision came down so we have some answers at this point. it seems pretty clear for immigration purposes, the 70-thre federal government will respect the marriages that were married in any jurisdiction that allows it no matter where the couples live now. federal employees will be able to get spousal health insurance and other benefits if they're legally married in any state regardless where they currently live. same for military spouses. so we have some clarity on some of these issues. the two big ones that are sort out of out standing and waiting for guidance from the admi
will take it down another 0.15%. we are north of the 13th largest economy in the world in texas, so you have to remain competitive. if you want people to invest more, if you allow people to keep more of their money, we know as conservatives, they will either suspended or save it and invest, which is good for the county. we overhauled our worker compensation system. we have some of the highest rates in the nation as well as in the region. we revamped our system, moving from an antiquated system, moving to a new system that will essentially safe employers, people who create jobs, 15% to 20% on their premiums every year. people always say, stop talking about social problems. i think that is nonsense. you take every social issue known to man, whether it is high incarceration rates, drug and substance abuse issues -- i think they can all be traced to one key ingredient, and that is the breakdown of the family unit. this year in oklahoma we said we would do things to promote the family, going on a campaign to express why strong families are not as good for society, they are good for the economy, a
after texas was sued. or jan brewer fighting the feds after her crackdown on illegals. tim, in each and every case and in other cases just like them, states defy, and then the government pounces. >> so, president obama does not seem to like federalism very much. federalism is the idea that many issues are best handled by states and the federal government should not tell states how to run their business, and you see very good reason in last the voucher program is mostly used by poor black children in failing schools. it helps them get out of the schools and into better schools, and yet the doj comes in and decides, well, this is somehow resegregating the schools because some people are moving out of some school districts into others. they don't have the firsthand knowledge, the knowledge on the ground and it's absurd to say a program helping poor black kid get into better schools in new orleans is discriminatory, but from washington, lawyers, it looks that way. >> neil: the same for arizona and the crackdown on illegals, or texas, requesting those who vote have proof they are who the
times over. sure there is speculation in all this. >> thank you. measles outbreak in a texas megachurch has spread to 21 people. health officials in the state are trying to contain the outbreak by hosting vaccination clinics. all the cases are linked to the eagle mountain international church in ne new nework, texas. we spoke with the director for the centers of decease control and prevention about the outbreak. robert joins us live from inside the cdc, heads quarters in atlanta, and what was said to you, robert? >> reporter: tony, good to be here. i can say this coming from inside the cdc here there is concern, so much that the director, dr. thomas freedan was made available to us. here's exactly what he told us. >> even though we have >> the problem is with the situation in texas according to health officials most people were not immunized. the video is that you have folks four months to 44 years who now have the measles disease, and the cdc is concerned as well as people on the ground there. >> robert, thank you. >>> some people call it gray hound therapy or patient dumping. it's whe
in a shooting rampage in texas. the court is now in recess. closing arguments will be expected on wednesday. >>> part of southern california has been dealing with flash floods. heavy rains dropped as much as two inches in just under an hour in some regions. one elderly woman was killed monday when her vehicle was caught in a flash flood. >>> high winds and drenching rains from tropical depression ferdinand have left at least 13 people dead in mexico. more than 200 people have been evacuated. ferdinand has now weakened as it moves through southern texas. >>> and the city of phoenix was hit by a dust storm on monday. winds pushed the cloud into t city. arizona's monsoon season has produced massive dust storms in recent years. >>> the united states is sending a special envoy to north korea to try to free an american citizen. in april, a court sentenced kenny bay to 15 years of hard labor. the white house says they are deeply concerned about the welfare of bay and has urged the north korean government to send him know. florence this is the first public trip by a u.s. official. what does it indi
. >> bill: he has to be from texas. where is he from? >> i think he's from florida. >> he knows something about tanning. and he says that the affordable care act tax on tanning as part of a comprehensive package to pay for all of the benefits. there is a tax on some 2.5% or something. he says well, you know, boehner should really take this to the people. boehner who we all know loves to tan. >> bill: i was going to say if anybody is upset about this, it is john boehner. >> that he should argue that it is racist against white people. >> yeah, sure. because now they're going to have to pay a little extra for that orange glow. >> bill: others who are not caucasian don't have to pay. >> they're at a big advantage. >> bill: racist tax. >> i still love how president obama at one of the us who correspondents meeting said he and john bainer have a lot of things in common. they're both people of color. >> bill: it is a color not seen on the planet. >> not naturally occurring. >> bill: john boehner is the only member be of congress to have a tanning bed in his own office, right? >> i'm sure. actual
, the texas governor is reportedly lobbying the white house for $100 million in obama care funding. according to politico, texas health eaches are in talks with the administration to accept federal funding to for the funned iffing first act. governor perry is not 0 lone in his secret crush on the thing he publicly hates the most. so far, six republican governors have expanded medicaid in their states. jan brewer, chris christie, terry branstad, susana martinez, brian sandoval and jack dalrymple. after years of railing against it, republicans are finally going to understand that the affordable care act actually helps people. in this, perhaps, governor perry expressed it best. >> sorry. oops. joining us now is msnbc policy analyst "the washington post's" ezra klein. we use every excuse we can to play the rick perry oops moment. he does seem to be having a little bit of an oops insofar as he's going to take a sharpie out and wipe away as much of the funding for obama care as possible and is asking for $100 million to implement parts of actually obama care. >> well, let me come in a little bit in
of dallas. abc's brandi hitt has the story. >> reporter: dash camera video shows an officer in texas, pulling over george zimmerman's speeding pickup truck on sunday. seconds later, zimmerman reveals he's carrying a gun. >> i have a firearm in the glove department. >> okay. >> reporter: that's when the officer takes zimmerman's driver's license. and he learns he has just pulled over the man acquitted in one of the most controversial trials in years, the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> where are you headed to? >> nowhere in particular. >> nowhere in particular? why do you say that? >> did you see my name? >> huh-uh. what a coincidence. >> reporter: in the two weeks following the florida jury's verdict -- >> not guilty. >> reporter: zimmerman has been in hiding. his legal team tells abc news, he's apparently on a road trip. and also posted on twitter, for his safety, we won't make any comments about zimmerman's whereabouts. and we will work to protect his privacy. with his concealed carry permit reinstated, it is legal for the 29-year-old to transport a weapon in most states, incl
can see why. there's that low pressure system positioned over northern texas, and western oklahoma. it is retro grade, almost moves backward. most of the rain will happen in central kansas, wichita up to salina. >> and meanwhile off the coast of florida we're looking at the return of dorian. >> yes, or dorian or what's left of it. most of us won't see any of this which is great news. it really jets off into the atlantic. the only thing you'll see are clouds and maybe a rain ban. >> overall it's heading in the right direction. >> thank you, ginger. health officials on the trail of a stomach bug that's affected 400 people in 16 states. they're now doubling down. they've found the source of some of these cases but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. and abc's chief health and medical editor, rich besser, has more. >> reporter: it's still a mystery. the source of the cyclospora outbreak in 14 states. the cdc sent a team to help with the investigation into texas, one of the hardest hit states. but we do know the source, at least in nebraska and iowa. the fda linked the outbre
. miguel almaguer, prescott, arizona. >>> in texas today, the court-martial of the man charged in the massacre of 13 people at fort hood was put on hold until tomorrow. although army major nadal hasan is representing himself, there is a team of military lawyers to assist if he requests it. today one of those lawyers told the judge he believes hasan is trying to get the death penalty and he argued the legal team should not be required to take part in that. >>> overseas authorities in yemen say they have foiled a plot by al qaeda to seize key port cities, blow up pipe lines, and disrupt the oil trade. concern about stepped-up al qaeda activity in yemen is reportedly behind the u.s. decision to evacuate most of its embassy personnel there and increase drone strikes, including another one today that left seven dead. >>> in kenya today a massive fire tore through the nairobi airport, one of the largest aviation hubs in africa. it started small but with a shortage of equipment to fight it, the blaze soon roared out of control forcing the airport to close and dozens of flights to be c
is in freeport, texas , democrat. caller: everyday filthy rich sell 40e oil executives million gallons of gasoline and diesel to foreign companies. -- foreign countries. they buy over a million barrel of crude oil from 9/11 murderers and sell them to communist. you don't want to say a word about it. why is it you do not want to talk about energy exports? to approve the pipe as far as oklahoma so it is easy to sell to americans and harder to sell to foreigners and we should a.m. the sale of gasoline, diesel, and natural gas to foreign companies. thank you. think well, i personally exports of our access is good and healthy for our economy. they create jobs, two. i want to make sure from the keystone pipeline to that the oil transported from canada through that pipeline does stay in the united states. the reality is, it goes to i think as many as six or seven refineries from kansas, oklahoma, texas, to louisiana. doubt that the vast majority if not 100% of the gasoline will be distributed within the united states and not put on. do export diesel because we don't use the soul like europe d
fellow service members on that post,s hurt dozens of others at ft. hood, texas. if convict, he could face the death penalty. he's chosen to represent himself in this case, opening testimony is set for early next week. >>> edward snowden is in a safe place, we're told, in russia. that's what his attorney is calling it. snowden left the moscow airport yesterday after russia gave him temporary asylum for one year. the former national security agency contractor has admitted leaking classified information and exposing phone and internet surveillance programs that targeted millions of americans. he's facing espionage and other charges here in the united states, but, for now, he's getting his first taste of freedom after more than a month i inside the airport's transit zone. we have more. what are you learning about where snowden is live something. >> well, we know he's broke, harris. for now he's living with some american ex-patriots inside their home at least until he can afford to get his own place to rent. but he has already been offered a job with a russian social networking company. there'
does the gentlewoman from texas seek recognition? ms. jackson lee: i ask have an amendment at the desk. the chair: the clerk will designate the amendment. the clerk: amendment number eight printed in part b of house report 113-187, offered by ms. jackson lee of texas. the chair: purr sinet to the rule, the gentlewoman from texas, ms. jackson lee, and a member opposed will each control five minutes. the gentlewoman is recognized. the manager in opposition will have the right to close. the gentlelady is recognized for five minutes. s. jackson lee: let me thank my colleagues whenever they engage in debate, i know they have a serious commitment to the process of this house and this nation. i rise today to offer an amendment and i hope that it addresses the chairman's offer of legislative collegiality. if this is such an important effort then i believe that the amendments that have been offered by my colleagues and the one i introduced as we speak is one that makes this bill reasonable. my amendment would except from the bill's congressional approval requirement any rull promulgated by the
. >> trying to hold on to first place. tonight's game with texas did not help. is this the catch of the >>> last week it looked like the as might run away with the american league west title. rangers 2 1/2 back. this is osage racing. henderson. rangers pitcher walks five batters in four innings including two that scored on this double in the first. 2-0 as in a flash. rangers tied it up. in the fourth from the island a two-run homer. tommy malone gave up six runs. the rangers roll to their fifth straight win. sparky is not having any fun at all. madison was. brandon belt has been in a horrid slump. this would be your slump buster gone. he triples and singled. 1-1 game. the very next batter high deep. a two-run blast as the giants take the series opener 4-1. could this be the catch of the year? angels outfielder robs with a leaping catch. over the wall. even though he landed over the wall he caught it. it is not a home run. that is an out. it is spectacular. >>> little league baseball. belmont versus arizona. this game is all belmont. third inning. their pitcher bringing it. way to
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th, see ya. griffin has allowed 28 homes running. 10-8 of the year. texas is two and a half back of the a's. >> i feel like i pitched very well all game. a little frustrating like you said but that is how it goes. good line-up but i dominated them. >> and giants and rays, here is the start over barry zito including this two-run bomb. rays up 2-1. in the sixth, jose gave a game winning run. giants are now 12 back of the dodgers in the west. >>> little league action, belmont redwood shores, fifth inning, single by daniel free gives belmont a 2-0 lead. lopez allowed one hit. lee helped a didn't play to end the game. now opponents of the second game and advance weigh a 3-0 victory. >>> olympic champion missy franklin will be a campus student but today she set a new championship in barcelona. missy with the backstroke. they never look back. giving her sixth goal first woman to ever win six gold medals in. >> final round, this comes up short. choi had six to play but stacy louis prevailed. within three feet of the hole. make that for a birdie then finishes on the 18. shoots an even par
to get right back out there and continue campaigning. >>> a water park in texas found an inventive way to keep their patrons cool. what's all that? they've created an ice dump. and bill karins, i don't know. i kind of like the heat. that's awfully cool. we're talking about, what, triple -- >> they wanted the cold water. have you ever been in a pool and you want the cold water? >> when you have all those people around you -- it's a great idea. two tons. wonton was about 2,000 pounds of ice. >> 104 yesterday in san antonio. >> i take that back then. >> some breaking weather news out of missouri. got a report. >>> severe flash flooding. a rescue boat from the waynesville fire department. you see waynesville in the middle of your screen on i-44. the rescue boat tipped over. the firefighters are in the water. now they are attempting to rescue the firefighters who are in this flash flood. so six inches of rain estimated as fallen in southern missouri just over the last 12 hours. and the weather pattern has been yielding a lot of heavy rain through kansas and missouri about the last week. and
contra nidal malid hassan quien asesinó a 3 personas en fort hood,texas, le dij a la corte, yo soy quien disparó, también el psiquiatra militar trató de matar a todos los posibles. >>> es momento de nuestra primera pausa y al regresar la violencia pone en fuga a los residentes de guerrero. >>> el trágico saldo de una explosión en un edificio de rosario, en argentina enorme explosiÓn de wrum rrumba edificio en rosario argentina. >>> dicen que la explosiÓn autoridades de salud que se debiÓ a un escape de gas, rompio vidrios a mÁs de 300 pies de distancia, los heridos estaban en el edificio, algunos eran transeuntes golpeados por escombros y vidrios. >>> la violencia de los narcos se hace sentir con fuerza en zonas rurales de mÉxico. en ocasiones protegerse del ejÉrcito, en la ciudad de mexico pueblos enteros que no tienen mÁs remedio que huir. >>> tres comunidades rurales ubicadas en las montaÑas de guerrero, mÉxico quedaron abandonadas debido a las amenazas del crimen organizado, muchos huyeron a pueblos mÁs grandes, otros a los montes y muchos no lo lograron. >>> todas la
texas and a few isolated showers tomorrow. today, it's the low overcast. by friday, it moves north and temperatures will start to recover. a lot of 50s and 60s. you can see a lot of the cloud cover and a few showers northeast california and northern california, tomorrow would be the day it moves. drizzle, breezy, it will be sunny but breezy to windy. temperatures are cool. you know when clearlake is 82 and vacaville is 82 that tells you it's a cool pattern. vallejo, benicia, crockett. my friend jenny just wrote me and said, you know, it's getting dark earlier. ive noticed. novato, 72. kentfield, 70. brentwood 80. castro valley, 68. berkeley, alameda, 64. 70s in the santa clara valley. i went with a soft 70 in santa cruz. a lot of 50s, 60s. menlo park, 73. partly cloudy. mostly cloudy thursday then it does a little better going into the weekend. >>> 7:09. people are waking up with dreams of winning a big lotly jackpot. tonight's -- lottery jackpot. tonight's jackpot, $425 million. ktvu's janine de la vega is joining us live in san jose where people are hoping to get lucky. >> report
cuatro heridas en texas. >>> familiares de bomberos caÍdos en cumplimento de su deber en arizona hace dos meses aseguran que han sido engaÑados. honduras se convierte en el escenario de batallass entre narcotraficantes de varios paises, el power ball de esta noche sumÓ nuevos nombres a la lista de millonarios en los estados unidos. >>> a partir de esta semana y durante el receso del congreso un comercial contando la historia de un inmigrante indocumentado va a invadir la televisiÓn para presionar por un apoyo a la reforma migratoria, el comercial filmardo por zuckerberg y otros. >>> habla en inglÉs. >>> para decenas de personas rescatadas de sus hogares debido a las graves inundaciones en tennessee, operaciones en una parte de nashville donde muchos hogares estÁn sin energÍa elÉctrica. >>> son noticia los bomberos que murieron en arizona combatiendo un incendio forestal, familiares aseguran haber sido engaÑados, jaime garcÍa con el testimonio de una de las viudas. >>> nuevamente arde el sur de california, en menos de 24 horas un incendio de maleza fuera de control ha consumido m
to texas by monday. that's the actual track of where that could go if it does form. regardless of whether it forms or not, we still have a huge problem, a stationary front pulling in all this moisture from the gulf and combine that with the tropical moisture we just showed you and we add a low. pull that front farther back, which means more access to this heavy rain all along the gulf states. let's talk about that. how much rain are we talking about. two to four inches from new orleans and up to charleston and keep in mind these areas have seen so much rain all summer long. let's take it day by day. here's friday. looking at it through florida and even through georgia. by saturday that moisture gets closer and we see more of it. we see the stationary front back up and start to see it pulling up even into the mid-atlantic and just clouds. this is the area we're concerned with as they get the bulk of the tropical moisture. sunday, still there. plus, you can see moisture making its way towards texas bringing that heavy rainfall in their direction, but, most importantly, still present in thes
a poco deja de ser ab de, madera y texas su hija emigro a espaÑa hace 6 aÑos. ante la falta de empleo en nicaragua. >>> al ver que no habÍa nada me voy a ir, y comenzamos... y era el mÁs sencillo. >>> los terceros hacen a la par otra nueva casa la historia de esta familia, es similar a la mayorÍa de 32 mil habitantes. donde la pobreza es latente, debido a la inactividad econÓmica. hace mÁs de 10 aÑos la alcaldesa visitÓ esa zona de nicaragua y al ver su pobreza, permitiÓ un pequeÑo primer grupo de mujeres va viajar a espaÑa. >>> y vin la hermana y la tÍa, y la familia, cuando voy y me doy una vuelta. y un nuevo barrio. . por esa meta. es importante de los 3 paÍses que aportan remesas familiares a nicaragua. >>> se muestran orgullosos. y en medio del sueÑo cansado, la esperanza de los pobladores, es que al retornar sus familiares, puedan encontrar trabajo, o iniciar un negocio. >>> la popular serie animada. la isla presidencial su personaje. con kilos demÁs. y acompaÑado de un conocido pajarito. >>> hablando con su famoso favorito. nicolÁs maduro, en la segunda temporada d
legislatura, de texas iowa, indiana, kentucky, florida, carolina del norte con pensilvania, new york y massachusetts discuten o comenzaran a discutir medidas, para otorgar licencia esa de conducir a indocumentados. arizona ine ne frafc r ne prafc >>> convirtiÓ en ley la medida que permitiÓ a la comunidad interÉs doc das, tener licencia de conducir. sin embargo, al poco tiempo, davis fue destituido de su cargo en una elecciÓn especial. en su lugar fue elegido el republicano, arnold schwarzenegger que revocÓ dicha ley. >>> zedillo ha esperado aÑos tiene fe que su sueÑo que los indocumentados tengan licencia de conducir se haga realidad. juan carlos gonzÁlez univisiÓn. >>> eduardo arellano felix, conocido como el doctor fue sentenciado a 15 aÑos de prisiÓn, por trafico de drogas y lavado de dinero ademÁs, tendra que reponer 50 millones de dÓlares, en propiedades, arellano felix de 56 aÑos, fue considerado r estrado estado desde mÉxico. >>> algunos religiosos activistas obligados a negociar con la delincuencia organizada en mÉxico, para evitar que maten a los migrantes y re
throughout the day, we urge you to visit our website, aljazeera.com. >>> a meesel's outbreak at a texas mega church has now spread to at least 21 people. health officials are trying to contain the outbreak by hosting vaccination clinics. doctors say a visitor who became infected with measles likely spread it to the rest of the church. most of the members did not have their measles vaccinations. >>> a new school year means a new start for those who survived the sandy hook elementary school shooting last year. they are going to classes at middle sdmool a neighboring town. task force approved plans to tear down the old school, which was the scene of the deadly massacre. the new one is going to be built on the same spot pending approval i will residents. >>> crews battling california wildfires are finally making some progress. the rim fire, which has been burning for ten days covers more than 250 square miles. that is about the size of the city of chicago. while the fire continues to grow, it is, now, 20% contained. and yosemite's fire chief says they have the blaze boxed in. more good news offi
judge in texas throughout the suit saying his court doesn't have proper jurisdiction to decide it. democratic congress member luis gutierrez spoke out on the house floor wednesday in support of a group of jailed young immigrants down as the dream 9. they remain in an arizona .detention center addressing house collects before they leave for the summer recess, he urged support for the release of the dream 9. >> for those in detention like the dream 9 in arizona and the many others who hav because of could get a ticket and never see the children again because they get deported. i hope there in your thoughts. speaker, i ask unanimous consent to answer this letter to the president of the united states asking for the release of the dream 9 held in detention in into thend enter record. >> at least two dream number members remain in solitary confinement after launching a hunger strike in attempting to collect the stories of fellow migrants. in florida, a group of activist at the office of rick scott. the law impacted instructions to theirry that impacted decision in the zimmerman trial.
. >> thanks, lisa. the a's, trying to hang on to first place. but last night's game against texas did not help. up next in sports, larry beil has more on >> welcome back. hang in there, san jose, the sun is coming. lisa argen is here now. >> yeah. that is shy of their average high this time of year. we should be about 83. but it has been pretty nice in the averages. if you can stay away from the cloudy coast. maybe you like that. it's been with us for quite some time and that is the norm this time of year. temperatures struggling to make it to near averages today. but we are looking at the warmest day of the weekend today. in fact, the warmest day out of the next seven is today. live doppler 7hd," we are looking at the low clouds and fog up to 2,000 feet deep. the golden gate bridge with mist and drizzle this morning, but we will look for sunshine in the city, although it will stay gray here. mid-50s downtown with airport delays just under an hour. 57 in oakland, with afternoon sun and a mild day on the way. 54, we talked about that in san jose. 53 in los gatos and mt. tam looking at about 260
of an engine fire. a homeowner in texas is thank. for her not so scary guard dog today. the lap dogs scared away a gun-toting burglar. the would-be robber kicks the gate if her house and ran away when the dogs went after them they chased the suspect down the street. they bite is worse than their bark. those are the top stories right now. >>> the obama administration has bet and lost heavily on greed energy. think of solyndra for example. that has not stopped it from pushing on to ways that some evade congressional oversight. >> for the first time, the solar panels are going up on the roof of the white house. part of a mandate as part of renewables for the government. and symbolic gesture that the president is plowing ahead with the green energy agenda. >> he said he wasn't going to wait for congress. he had administrative authority and time to utilize those more effectively in a more concerted way. >> the obama administration is being strategically brilliant by doing this behind the scenes. they are going to achieve everything that the u.n. treaty, cap and trade and carbon taxes could have
baltimore headed to austin, texas, forced to make an unscheduled landing after a passenger tried to exit the emergency exit midair. this goes under the category of worst nightmare. >> the flight diverted to memphis because the passenger tried to open the emergency exit. the southwest airlines spokesman said it looked like the flight 265 diverted because of an unruly passenger. other passengers on this plane saying it was members of the military who happened to be riding on this flight who subdued the man and held him until help could come in memphis last night. of course it's impossible to open the door of a plane while it is midair but it is incredibly frightening for all those involved. some of the passengers said it didn't appear he was drunk. some said it didn't appear this passenger was unruly one passenger telling one of our affiliates the person said he didn't want to live anymore. unclear what the motive was but the flight was safely delivered to austin and those passengers deplaned. z>> we'll find out, thanks so much, christine. >> good news for a ran come situation handled very
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